Monday, September 3, 2012

37 Weeks Update {A Day Late}

At 37 weeks gestation...

... my doctor's appointment went well this week, and I only have one more to go before Corrin is here.  Corrin passed the biophysical with an 8 out of 8 again.  She was quite stubborn, and wouldn't move for the ultrasound tech at first. I ended up having to turn onto my left side for her to move.  She's head down, and has been since 28 weeks when we started the biophysical profiles.  She also has a "head full of hair," according to the ultrasound tech.  I thought I had been seeing hair, but never asked.  It's nice to have it confirmed.  After the biophysical profile, I saw the doctor who has turned out to be my favorite at the practice.  I asked her a few questions about the upcoming cesarean.  She answered them also to my satisfaction, and I was out of there.  The only complaint I would have about this appointment, is that I showed up a little early for my appointment, and had to wait well into the time that my appointment was supposed to happen, because they were having a staff meeting.  I understand that the staff needs to have meetings, but I did not appreciate being made to stand in the hall and wait because the meeting was scheduled during the time they scheduled my appointment.

... Corrin is doing some gymnastics in my belly.  My best friend compares her movements to the scene from Alien.  I wouldn't know, because I don't watch scary movies, particularly alien movies.  Baby Girl has my belly contorting into all kinds of weird positions.  I know she's feeling squeezed in there.  I think she and I both are ready for her to come, so that she has all the space she needs to stretch out however she wants.

... I've been having contractions this week.  Some of them feel like my regular braxton hicks contractions, but I've had a few in the last few days that actually hurt.  They also felt different from the braxton hicks I'm used to having.  I drink something and laid down, and they went away, but I will admit that I was nervous.  I thought Baby Girl was going to decide her own birthday.

... had a horrible case of heartburn and indigestion.  I literally wanted to cry.  I was hoping to make it through this entire pregnancy without the heartburn.  I was wrong.

... I have had some horrible swelling at the end of this week also.  My feet, legs, lower back, and fingers were all swollen.  The most likely cause is that I had to work extended hours because of month end.  I know for certain that Baby Girl does not like for me to sit up for extended periods of time.  At least this is my last month end before she's here, and I get to skip September's month end.  Sadly, my wedding bands have come off, and since I'm anticipating swelling after the surgery due to the iv fluids, they won't be going back on for a while.

... I've been going to the restroom constantly.  I feel like I go every ten minutes.  At night, I am up all night, because I have to go, or it feels like I'm going to wet the bed.  The worse part about it is that the restrooms that I usually use at work are currently out of order, so I have to walk ALL the way to the other end of the building to go now.  I know I counted, and one day I went to the restroom a grand total of nine times in one work day.  That's been the average.  They could have waited a couple more weeks to work on the restrooms.

... I have never been this pregnant before.  I had Micah at exactly 37 weeks gestation.  {That would have been yesterday in this pregnancy.}  I've been looking back over the blog from when I had Micah.  I have pretty much the same feelings of excitement, exhaustion, and giddiness.  I was also super worried with Micah, because of his threats to come early, starting at about 31 weeks.  This go around, I'm not worried about her coming too early.  I am actually anticipating it.  She seems to like being in there, though, so I doubt there will be any action until the doctor goes in to get her.

... I have never had a dream about Corrin.  With Micah, I dreamed about him all the time.  The funny thing was that I dreamed that he was a girl in every single dream, with the exception of one.  That dream was the night before his anatomy scan, when I dreamed the the ultrasound monitor read, "IT'S A BOY!"

... I am still working.  I know that my supervisor has been anticipating that I would be going out on bed rest for a while now, but I've made it.  I wouldn't mind if the doctor took me out this week, but I doubt they will unless Corrin is in distress.  

... I think Micah may have some type of intuition that something is about to change.  He has been allowing me to hold him and cuddle with him.  He has also been requesting that I do things for him and with him, that he usually only wants Mikey to do.  I hope Corrin's arrival doesn't rock his world too much.  I am anticipating that he will want to be closer to me when she comes.  I'm worried about his feelings being hurt because I won't be able to hold him after the surgery.

... we have not touched Corrin's nursery.  I take that back.  It's been emptied out, because we moved Micah to his big boy room.  {I promise to complete a post about that sooner or later.}  I also managed to hang most of her clothes in the closet.  That's it.  It is now just a {mostly} empty room, waiting to be made into a nursery for Corrin.  Now if only someone would give me a winning lottery ticket or gift me with a huge chunk of money so that I could actually do the things that I want to do in the house.

... I'm nesting, and Mikey is doing the majority of the work.  This week, he did a lot of outside work.  I like it this way.  In a few weeks, it'll be back to normal, and we'll be sharing the workload a little more evenly.

... I weigh in at 135.6 pounds, and measure at 37.5 inches around.

... Only six days left, and I can't wait to meet Baby Girl!



Micah was wrapped around my leg, hence the facial expression.




Pulling my earring.

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