Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Letter to My Son

Dear Micah,

I'm sure you have no idea how much your world is about to change.  I'm not even sure that I'm really aware of how much everything is going to change.  I have an idea, thanks to you.  You changed mommy and daddy's world so much with your arrival.  Corrin's arrival will make things a little different for everyone also.

You will have to share mommy and daddy.  I know we visit with other children, but Corrin is ours.  She's here to stay, so you'll have to share.  I know, because I tried to have Uncle Monkey returned.  Many years later and he's still around.  You'll have the adjustment of having a new baby around.  New babies have lots of needs that they need help with.  We also will have to learn to figure out what she needs at any given time.  I hope you're patient with us as we figure out how to balance your big boy needs with Corrin's new baby needs.

I want you to always know that you are loved.  Corrin does not change or take away from the love we have for you.  If anything, she'll add to the love.  I always wondered how some parents could worry about not having enough love to go around for all of their children.  I guess I'll never know, because my heart overflows with love for you and Corrin.  I know that she will adore you.  You are kind of awesome.  She won't be able to help herself any more than I can help adoring you.


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