Thursday, September 20, 2012

Imitations of Life

I still plan to do a post on my progress with breastfeeding.  I think we're doing well.  The only issue I have right now is that Corrin chooses sleep over eating sometimes.  When she is choosing sleep over eating, I try to wake her, but she rarely latches on in those cases.  If she will latch on, she only eats enough to curb the hunger pains, then she goes right back to sleep.  Then when she's hungry enough to wake up and actually eat, I'm engorged, and the milk lets down too quickly, which frustrates her and me.  I'm still trying to figure it out.  I am also working on building my supply so that I can have a stash for her when I go back to work.  

Anyway, the real purpose of this post...

So happy.
I wonder if I look like this as I am pumping.

Micah is really into imitating Mikey and I lately.  This morning as I was pumping, he decided that he needed a turn.  Of course, I grabbed the camera and obliged him.  I love this little boy.

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