Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Round Of Dreams

Last night, when I went to bed, I knew exactly what I was going to blog about today.  I was going to post about how Micah and I are in the midst of a January blah mood.  The weather just does not allow for much fun outside the house.  Instead, this post is about something else.  Mikey's not the only one dreaming.  I had my own dream.  I think it was more of a nightmare.  You see, I dreamed about a snake chasing me.

Let me start with a little information about myself and dreaming.  I hardly ever have dreams or rather, I hardly ever remember that I dream.  On rare occasions, I will wake up and feel an extreme emotion {i.e. anger, sadness, giddiness, etc.}.  I assume that I had a dream, and remember the emotion that I felt, but not the visuals of the dream.  Even more rare, will I wake up and remember a scene or two from a dream.  Still more rarely, I wake up and recall an entire dream.  Well, this morning I remembered all the details.

The dream starts with me looking at several young teenagers, roughly 12 to 13 years old, being driven away in a police car.  Then the scene switches.  I am now walking down an urban street with my dad.  He is carrying a pizza, and we're talking.  Finally, we get to his place.  My mom is sitting in my dad's truck.  He says," She must like me.  She brought my truck."  Then we all are standing around talking.  Suddenly, one of the boys from the police car, yells down from a window to my dad, "Dad, I'm going out with my friends tonight.  Remember I told you we were going bowling."  My dad crosses the street to go talk to the boy.  This leaves my mom and I standing talking.  Then my mom and I realize that there is a snake attempting to leave a storefront that we are standing in front of.  It is pushing against one of the push/pull glass doors that are in stores.  The snake finally pushes out of the store, and heads toward my mom and I.  We do what I assume most people would do, and split into different directions.  The snake turns, and heads directly toward me.  Then I wake up.  The dream was so vivid, and real.  I woke up with a prayer on my lips.

First, my five year old brother, Nicky, should be the only boy calling our father dad.  The boy didn't look anything like Nicky, or what I imagine Nicky will look at that age.  Second, my dad does not live in an urban area, and I can't imagine that changing.  Third, I doubt my mom would be driving my dad's truck while my dad walks.  I also don't see my dad allowing his son to tell him where he's going to be, especially if he had been arrested or brought home by the police.  There are just too many weird things going on in this dream. 

So what does this dream mean?  I have no idea, but I hope it's not a warning of bad things to come.  Of course, I went to Mr. Google.  This website had information about what a snake chasing you means.  Apparently, I am either (1) caught up in a situation that I am trying to avoid, or (2) running away from an unsettling situation or part of my personality.  There's more information about dreaming about snakes in different situations here.  So what do you think my dream means?  Have you ever dreamed about snakes?

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