Monday, January 9, 2012


On a whimsy, I suggested that Mikey and I play cards last night.  We were just lazing in our room after Micah went to bed, but before we were ready for bed.  We played pitty-pat first, but then poker became the game of choice.  Neither Mikey or I are the best poker players, so we just kind of winged it.  Instead of betting money, we bet stuff.  Mikey ended up winning a massage.  He almost had a week of not having to change any poop diapers, but I won that one back.  I won a massage, foot rub, and a week of not having to change any poop diapers in the evening after Mikey gets home from work.  Unfortunately for me I lost two weeks free of dishes and a free Saturday with some spending money.  Foolishly instead of quitting, I played one more hand for a week free of dishes and lost the free Saturday.  I had already lost the two weeks of dishes, since Mikey hates doing the dishes.

At the end of the game, as we prepared for bed, we agreed that our poker game will be a monthly occurrence, prizes must be used before the next poker game, and a few other rules.  It was pretty fun for an impromptu game, and I'm happily declaring myself the winner for the month of January.

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