Monday, January 23, 2012

What To Do?

I have been debating with myself lately.  I am questioning if I should tell more people about my blog.  When I started this blog, I did it for me.  It started as a way to keep track of my pregnancy.  No one knew about the blog, not even Mikey.  Then, as I became more comfortable blogging, I started sharing.  Of course, Mikey was the first to know about Growing Up Giles.  It is about his family too, after all.  Then I shared with my sister, who had been deployed to Afghanistan.  She was homesick and not happy to be so far away.  The blog became my way of helping her feel connected with our family here in the states.  Then I told my mother and Uncle Monkey.  Eventually, I've included more and more people in the circle who know about this blog, a few friends and other family members.  These are people who know us.  They see us and/or talk to us often.  They understand that this is just a small, but honest, part of who we are.

The debate now is do I want to share with more people? Do I want to share with people who may not know us as well, or not at all?  I am not ashamed of my blog or what it depicts of our family.  This blog is not a way to promote an agenda or boast.  It's not about mommy wars, or anything like that.  It is my scrapbook of my family's growing years.  Eventually, it may cease to be the way I keep memories.  Maybe someday, my family will decide that they no longer want to be featured for the world wide web to see.  But for right now, this is it.  I am happy with this hobby of mine.  My concern is that by inviting others into our world via this blog, an invitation to criticize and belittle may inadvertently be given as well.  I don't like to invite negativity.

I'm considering a FaceBook page for Growing Up Giles.  What other ways would you suggest sharing Growing Up Giles?  What do you think?  Should we go public?  Leave a comment with your opinion.


richard said...

My vote is to keep with just fam and friends.. no need to invite strangers to the party. RJW

Anonymous said...

I'm torn.... I often times think this would be a wonderful idea for other new mothers, or just young intelligent creative minds like yourself. I feel the need... or desire.... to recommend your blog to people a lot. some of it is just me wanting others to see how neat it is (show it off)... and again possibly do a spin off of it, or even something tailored more to their own liking, personality, or situation. I get such a kick out of viewing it DAILY and I'm sure others would get the same enjoyment. Let's face it people are very interesting in an inside view of the lives of others, even if they don't know you that well. I do have to wonder if sharing it with more of a general audience will put more pressure on U to "meet expectations" or even "impress". And not wanting the unwarranted audacity of some to feel the need to critique just goes without saying. so I REALLY DON'T KNOW..... for the most part i say YES