Friday, January 27, 2012

More Micah's Randoms

Here you go for your viewing pleasure.  This first video is Micah's response to any question that you ask him currently.  No matter what you ask him, this is his answer.  It's really funny, because if I tell him something, he's okay with it.  If I rephrase and ask the same thing as a question, this is his response.  He seems to understand voice inflection well enough to know when I'm asking a question.  Either that or I'm one of those mothers who thinks that they're kid is a genius when they anything but...  That could be the case.  Micah does seem pretty smart to me.  Case in point: Micah is saying thank you.  Whenever I give him something {usually food} he clearly says thank you {sounds like tet too} before he takes it.  I tell you my kid is a genius, and a well-mannered one at that.   

This second video is Micah's reaction to being asked to walk on the grass.  Micah loves the outdoors.  He always has.  What he doesn't like is touching the grass or sand.  It's so weird.  I think it's a sign of his genius. 

Oh, and to top it off, he's studying to be a photographer.  He's working from a self taught angle.  Just look at the composition in these shots.  He's a natural.


These photos speak to me. I'm going to bed now.  You may or may not be able to tell that I'm sleepy.

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