Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dream A Little Dream

I hardly ever do posts specifically about Mikey.  Let's just face the fact that Micah is the star of this blog.  Of course, you get the occasional post about myself or something that I'm interested in, but we know that's because I write the blog.  That means I get to feature myself on occasion.  Mikey, however, works while Micah and I are at home.  He also just isn't as entertaining as Micah, so he doesn't show up as much on the blog.  It's funny because we wouldn't be growing up as Giles' without him. 

Anyway, on to the point of this blog post.  Mikey has been having dreams of lately.  He's been dreaming of his mother for the last couple of weeks.  She died two years ago today after a long battle with cancer.  I'm convinced that he's dreaming about her because it is around the time of the anniversary of her death.  Mikey is not convinced.  That could probably be because of his last dream.

In that dream, Mikey is standing, and his mom walks up to him and hands him something.  He has no idea what the something is.  His mom walks away.  He yells out after her, "What is this?"  She glances back and laughs, but continues to walk away.  Mikey is left standing there holding the item.  Then he wakes up.  We don't know what she gave him, but we're hoping for a financial windfall.

Mikey and his mom were very close.  They were two peas in a pod.  She was such a strong influence on his life.  I realize that she shaped the man that he is today.  She helped to build the wonderful man that I get to share this life with.  She was a wonderful woman, and we miss her everyday. 

Have you ever dreamed about someone who is deceased?  What do you think Mikey's dream means?

This post is written with Mikey's permission.  I asked his permission because it's a very personal subject for him.

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