Sunday, January 15, 2012

Micah @ 14 Months

 Micah is fourteen months old.  He is such a clown.  At fourteen months old, Micah..

... weighs 23.2 pounds, according to our home scale.

... wears 18 month clothes.  He has a few 12 month outfits that he still can fit, and 24 month tops fit him a little big.

... is a walker!!!  He has finally realized that walking is easier on his knees.  Where he used to walk a few steps, then drop to his knees and crawl away, he now walks most of the way, and crawls very rarely.

... says the words mama, dada, and up {sounds like bup}.  I've also heard him say hello {sounds like hedo}.  He has also started being a lot more verbal.  He likes to make random sounds while he's playing also.  He can be quite loud at times.

... has eight teeth, but must be getting more soon, if all the drooling and chewing on his fingers is any indication.

...sleeps through the night.  Praise the sweet, baby Jesus!  This has been happening since Christmas.  He had a few days of nonstop excitement where he missed his nap, but slept through the night.  Apparently sleeping through the night those few nights has carried over.  He has had one bad night since then when he woke up during the night.  {Lord, please help me not to have jinxed myself by typing this out.}

... fake laughs.  Sometimes, he'll look at me, and do this little fake laugh.  Heh heh.  Then he waits for me to join in.  So I will do the same fake laugh.  That leads to many more fake laughs that vary from heh heh to a long drawn out ha, to tee tees {these sound like a snake hissing but beginning with the t- sound}.


...  has new favorite foods.  He is in love with mandarin oranges and cheese now.  He still likes Cheerios and pasta though. He's added Kix to his list of cereals.   He generally likes most fruit (peaches, pineapple, oranges), and veggies (loves corn, will eat peas, green beans, beans).  He can clean a chicken or rib bone like an adult.  The only thing that I've found that he will not eat is Cheez-Its.

... has been eating so much of lately.  Sometimes he will take my hand and lead me to his highchair, or just go stand in front of his highchair.  I know then that he is ready to eat. Usually he eats reasonable portions, but sometimes, he eats and eats and eats.  I can't imagine where all that food is going. 

... still drinks from a sippy cup.  My brother {Uncle Monkey} and I have debated his use of the type of soft spout sippy cup that Micah uses.  I agree with all his points, but that is the only type of sippy that Micah will take.  He hasn't learned how to drink from a straw yet, so I can't use a sippy with a straw.  I've decided that I'll worry about switching his sippy cup to a hard spout or a straw later {maybe this spring/summer}. 

... has fallen in love with his trucks and trains.  He loves pushing them around and pushing the buttons to make the sounds that they make.  He even imitates the sounds on a couple of them.  There's nothing like hearing your baby make the sound that a car makes when it revs the engine and takes off from the starting line!  He still loves his books, but thinks that his blocks are chew toys. Of course he still loves his drums, and plays the cymbals too.  I'll have to get a video of him walking around banging his cymbals together.

...  is still working on his body parts.  I should probably put more effort into naming his other body parts for him. 

... loves the ABC's!  Who knew the alphabet song could be a lullaby?  For Micah, it is.  Whenever he's crying whether it's because he's upset about something, he's not feeling well, he wants something he can't have, or anything in general, he stops crying as soon as I start singing the ABC's song.  He's also figured out that his activity table sings the ABC's.  It's so cute to look over in the corner, and see him bopping to the alphabet song. 

...  goes by the nicknames Gus-Gus, Micah Maine, Scoot, and Sugar Bear.


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