Monday, January 3, 2011

Seven Weeks Old

My little man is seven weeks old today.  I wish time would slow down just a little.  It is flying.  We spent this week in Atlanta.  Micah and I enjoyed lazy days inside.  It was too cold to be out and about.  At seven weeks, Micah gives little smiles, usually after he has eaten.  He fusses at you when he's unhappy with you. Sometimes he coos when you talk to him.  He can follow you with his eyes as you move around.  He enjoys looking in your face when you hold him, and will turn his body to be able to see you.  He enjoys looking at lights.  He also continues to be unsure of burps, and is very stubborn about burping after he eats.

He spent today with Mikey.  They visited me at my office, and then went to visit Mikey's family.  Then he came home to his mommy.   He also gave his mimi some smiles tonight while he was "talking" to her.  Here's a picture of the smiles, and a video.

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