Saturday, October 6, 2012

Corrin {One Month Old}

I know what you're thinking.  What's the difference between four weeks old and one month old?  And why are there two different blog posts about it?  Well, they're different, and it gives me the opportunity to blog about my baby more. Win-win!  I know you want to see the pretty babies anyway.  It's a little late, but at one month old, Corrin...


...  wears newborn size clothes and diapers.  She probably could wear size 1 diapers, but we prefer the cut-out in the newborns.  She also could probably wear 0-3 month clothes, but they're still a little big on her.

... weighs 9 pounds according to our home scale.  I'll update next week after her doctor's appointment.  {UPDATE. Corrin weighs 9 pounds, 11 ounces as of 10/10/12!} 

... is still breastfed.  Some days I want to quit.  My ideal goal is to breastfeed for a year.  Realistically, I would like to breastfeed until Corrin gets teeth and starts biting.  Honestly, most days, my goal is whatever I need it to be, whether that is to make it to the next month, the next week, the next day, or even the next feeding.  I am also working to come up with a plan for feeding her when I go back to work.

... sleeps in bed with Mikey and I most nights.  She usually wants to eat more frequently at night, so I usually feed her laying side by side.  She has a rock-n-play and a crib.  She refuses to sleep in either of them most of the time.  Sometimes I can get her to sleep in them if she's absolutely exhausted and into a deep sleep.  I don't have the patience in the middle of the night to wait for her to fall into that deep sleep.  


... has decided that I am her soother of choice.  She has refused all of the pacifiers that we have tried.  We had some luck with the Nuk pacifier, but now she is refusing those too.  As a matter of fact, she is refusing all artificial nipples at the moment.  This could make feeding her after I go back to work difficult.

... sleeps very well.  She usually wakes up to eat {and get her diaper changed}, then goes back to sleep.  She also has a couple wakeful periods during the day.  She is awake for an hour or two in the late morning/early afternoon, late evening, and from 1:00 to 3:00 am.  I really need her to shift the early morning wakeful period to an earlier time.  Hopefully, that will happen before I go back to work.

... smiles in her sleep.  It's so cute.

... has baby acne.  

... hates her carseat.  If she's not sleeping, she doesn't want to be in the carseat. 

... loves to be held.  She prefers to lay again your chest.  The sound of your heartbeat is soothing for her.

... loves to be on her tummy.  She prefers to sleep on her tummy, and will often fall asleep when we do tummy time.

... does not like diaper changes, sponge baths, or putting on her monitor. 

... goes by the nicknames of Rin, Baby Girl, Little Miss.

And one with Micah, because I love it.

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