Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Turning Into My Mother

My mother is accident prone to be polite.  In reality, she's clumsy.  She has a tendency to fall.  Usually she falls going up the stairs.  Typically, she trips over the end of her skirt.  Well, I am becoming my mother.  I managed to trip on my way up the stairs, falling and hitting my face against the wall.  I don't usually bruise when I hurt myself, but I'm thinking that tomorrow morning I'll be sporting a shiner. I'm only happy that I wasn't carrying Corrin or Micah when I went down.

The beginning of a bruise.

In other news, last night, Micah and I had some interaction.  At roughly 1:00 am, he refused to go back to bed.  I attempted to negotiate with him.  It did not work.  He ended up in bed with us. 

During negotiations
Family bed
For dinner, I made this recipe that I found on Pinterest.  I used cream of mushroom soup instead of cream of chicken, and white rice instead of yellow rice.  I also did not add onion to mine.  My slow cooker cooked a little faster than the recipe called for, so it was a little dried out, but it ended up being pretty good. 

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