Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Am Not My Hair

The day of the Big Chop.

I started transitioning from relaxed hair to natural roughly one year ago.  Approximately six months ago, I did the big chop.  I won't lie.  I have considered relaxing my hair several times in the past year.  I still consider relaxing my hair. I have felt so discouraged about my hair during this past year.  I haven't been able to learn to style my hair the way I would like.  I miss my "long" hair.  Sometimes I think, maybe I'm not cut out to be natural?

 Then, I started playing in my hair, and I am slowly figuring out things that I can do with my hair.  I have learned how to twist my hair.  I also, am beginning to like my afro a little more.  I have finally fallen onto the learning curve with styling my natural hair.  The problem that I have is that my hair is the length that I don't like.  I prefer long hair or short hair.  I do not like the mid-length hair, and that's where I am right now.  A part of me wants to chop it all off again, and go with a really low cut.  A part of me feels like I should keep working to grow it out.  I am giving myself to April, which will be the one year anniversary of my big chop, to decide what I want to do.

p.s. I will update with a more recent picture as soon as I take one.

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